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Trademark registration should pay attention to what

    best to register the word mark: trademark can include text and graphics in General. We recommend that customers apply for registered trademarks, dominated by text. Because when the trade mark application, and to existing trademarks (both registered and unregistered) is the main text of the query. This makes it hard to judge your logo with an existing logo of the same or similar. On registered trademark contains the logo, undoubtedly greatly enhance the probability of a trademark application was rejected.

     the uniqueness of graphics: If you want to register your graphics, so best to avoid repeated figurative elements. Graphic elements if you have specific requirements, we recommend that you to give elements to experienced designers for you to perform design, and best to avoid too many people using traditional graphics such as "Dragon" element, because the repeatability of the element will be very large, low pass rate. Professional designers will help you save unnecessary waste during the good time.

     separate registrations in Chinese and English: English trademarks in your company, we recommend that you register separately. Registration is economical, but separately registered tremendous flexibility, can be combined use can also be used separately. All well-known brands, registered very rare.

     uniqueness of trademark: trademark logo if it is a word composed of elements, must be before you use this word does not exist. Trademark examination, this problem is known as "significant", that is, characteristics alone. Enterprise content and information included in the trademark the word, it should be all about this business. A simple and effective method is the word in the famous search engine, if not many, you might consider using. The other hand, you may encounter this situation, you want a name that already exists and cannot be registered, designed by professional designers for you this time you can trademark font variants to achieve the purpose of registration.

     trade name and trademark: the present in developed countries, trade name part used as a trademark application for registration has become common practice. Trademarks, names of approach received not only trademarks, trade names and the dissemination of, and you can get a dual legal system of protection.

     domain name and trademark: registration and runs the Web site consistent with the registered trademark, which enhanced the overall image of your registered trademark. In the e-business agent, if a company (or a trademark) no own website, it would be easier to attract speculation and reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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