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Improve the innovation ability of 20 tips

according to cognitive psychologist Robert e. Sternberg said, innovation can be broadly defined as "... ... The process of creating new and valuable things "(2003). Innovation is looking for new ways to solve problems and situations to be addressed. This is not only a skill of the artist, musician or writer, it is a useful skill for every. If you want to improve your ability to innovate, following these tips can help you.

1.  focus

the first step is to devote to develop your creative abilities. Don't give up your efforts. Set goals and seek the help of others, spend some time developing your creative skills.

2.  become an expert

SI design and packaging company taxi advertising and packaging plant advertising, printing image design logo design companies to develop innovative ability is one of the best ways to become an expert in this field. Through in-depth understanding of the subject, you will be better able to think in novel or innovative solutions.

3.  reward your curiosity

development of innovative ability is a common obstacle: feeling of curiosity is a fantasy. If you are curious about something, don't reprimand yourself, but to reward yourself. Give yourself a chance to explore new subjects.

4.  recognizing that sometimes innovation is its own reward

reward yourself is important, but equally important is the development of intrinsic motivation. Sometimes, the real reward is the process of innovation itself, rather than the product.

5.  are willing to take risks

When you begin to develop your creative skills, in order to improve yourself you must be willing to take the risk. Your efforts may not succeed all the time, but will enhance your creativity and development of skills available in the future.

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6.  confidence

unsure of their ability will inhibit your creativity, and that is why confidence is so important. Record progress you've made, praised their efforts and try to reward your creative.

7.  time for innovation

If you don't invest in innovation of the time, you will not be able to develop their own creativity. Schedule some time each week, concentrate on certain types of creative projects.

negative attitudes that 8.  overcome the obstacles to innovation

according to the United States National Academy of Sciences published a 2006 study noted that positive emotions to enhance your creative thinking. According to the study's primary author Adam. Anderson says, "If you need some creative work being done, or a think tank where you want in a good mood. "Focus on eliminating negative that may impair your ability to develop innovative ideas or criticism.

9.  to overcome the fear of failure

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worried that you may be wrong or your efforts will fail, it will hinder your progress. Whenever you find that you feel this way, remind yourself: errors are just part of the process. Although you may occasionally fall in innovation on the road, but you will achieve your goals.

10.  the brainstorming and new ideas

Brainstorming is a technology commonly used in academic and professional fields, but it also can be used as a powerful tool for developing your creative ability. First of all, put aside your judgment and self, and then started to write down the ideas and possible solutions. Target is in a relatively short period of time to generate as many ideas as possible. Next, focus on clear and refined their ideas in order to reach the best choice.

11.  recognizing that most of the questions have more than one solution

next time you when dealing with the problem, try to look for a solution. Don't just rely on your original idea, take the time to think about other possible ways to deal with this situation. This simple act is to develop your problem-solving skills and creative thinking is a better way.

12.  keep a creative diary

began to keep a diary, recording your creative process, keep track of your ideas. Journal is to reflect on your completed work and to seek other possible solutions, a very good way. Journal you can save ideas so that they may become the inspiration for the future.

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13.  create a mind map

mind maps (mind maps) is a variety of ideas and good ways to find innovative answers. To create a mind map, first write a central topic or Word, and then around the center of links related to the word or idea. Although similar to brainstorming, but this method allows a branch of ideas, and provides a very intuitive way to see how these ideas are interrelated.

14.  challenge

When you already have some basic skills, it is important to continually challenge yourself, in order to further enhance their abilities. Looking for more difficult solution, try new things and avoid always using the same solution you use in the past.

15.  try "six hats" technique

"six hats" refers to the method from a different perspective. By doing so, you will be able to generate more ideas, and not, as in the past, you may only look at the problem from the perspective of one or two.  

Red Hat: with emotional problems. What do you feel?  

white hat: look at issues objectively. What are the facts?  

Yellow Hat: using positive point of view. Which part of this solution will work?  

Black Hat: using negative point of view. Which part of this solution does not work?  

Green Hat: think creatively. What are the other alternative ideas?  

Blue Hat: widely thought. What is the best solution?  

16.  looking for a source of inspiration

television advertisement exhibition catalog design trademark assignment photography equipment packing enterprises website design website design never expect innovation happen. Looking for new sources of inspiration, which will give you new ideas and inspire you to give a unique answer. Read a book, visit a Museum, listen to your favorite music with friends or for a lively debate. Use of any policies or methods that most applies to you.

17.  creates opportunities for innovation

in addition to looking for inspiration, you also need for innovation to create opportunities. This could include taking over a new project or find a new tool in your current project.

18.  take into account alternative

when solving a problem, using "If ..." hypothesis to take into account every possible scenario. If you are using one of the special programme, what would happen and what was the result? Through the advance

Note that these alternatives, you can better ideas the creative solution of this problem.

19.  create a flowchart

When you are developing a new project, you first create a flow chart to keep track of the project from the beginning to the end of the whole process. Looking for or a series of events that may occur in various ways. A flowchart can help you end product visualizations, eliminates potential problems, offer a unique solution.

20.  attempts to "snowball" technique

have you noticed that a good idea often leads directly to another good idea? When you are preparing for your project idea when you can use the "snowball technique" to take advantage of this. If this idea is not very suitable for your current job, then put it aside and wait for the use or application of the future projects in the future.  

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