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Good signs have 6 great condition

     how to evaluate a symbol (logo) is good or bad, I think you can judge from the following six items.  

first, Nice.

Mark first of all is to watch, if you don't look good, no matter how good it is no use in our other. Just like Idol, if not beautiful, good script, then Director of cattle would be useless, not to mention how costumes and props. So, a good sign, first to Nice, the standard should be based on the target audience (consumers, Zi Xun recipients) average of aesthetic theory. You like a fertilizer product logo (probably green, color contrast is a strong kind of) the white-collar workers in the city will not necessarily think they're nice, but as long as farmers friend feel good, that's a good sign. Is the so-called oranges: to each their own, pretty standard is different, the key is the target audience for the brand are feeling, they found attractive would be really nice, good look unpleasant. You can only appropriately raise the aesthetic standards, a good name is said: to improve the aesthetic appeal, but to do so you have to take fully into account the receptivity of the audience.

Second, a unique.

mark was also known as "identity" is to show that its main function-identification. Logo should be of the earliest primitive society, between the various tribes of "Totem". As of the Chinese "Dragon", is from the tribes of "Totem" combination of, until now, people look at "Dragon", is associated with China, because it is not like other national symbols, the main characteristic of this uniqueness is to sign a. If a flag makes people feel, like other similar, will lose the "identify" function, that even if it is good, can not be regarded as a good sign, because losing can identify unique, will lose the basic meaning of the sign.

three, simple.

logo simple in order to make people easier to remember, and easy to use. As the classic Nike and adidas of small three lines, this extremely simple logo is not only for people of different races and ages will soon be able to remember, but also in far away places can recognize. Logo simple and the benefits are many, but, due to sign more people to make their own symbol to maximize the difference from other signs, enhanced its uniqueness, some flags are complex. In addition, the symbol of the complex wave is also influenced by "post-modernism" effect. The so-called "postmodern" as opposed to "modernism", "modernist" about it is simple, and "Postmodernism" who says: simplicity is boring, is boring, so "postmodern" into the calculation is relatively complicated and cumbersome.

certainly, is not each species type of logo are applies Yu "Hou modern doctrine" style, like Government, and institutions, and sector and some traditional type of enterprise, for logo of requirements is rigorous, and generous, and stable, and also to using in many different material and type of media Shang, this on destined to has this type of logo only used simple doctrine, to meet all of needs. Now with "Postmodernism" style of some new technology companies, Web sites, and most real estate properties for sale. For these companies, because, most of the media in which they are networking, printing, photo, video, and print media, and these types of media can meet all the manifestations, such as: three-dimensional, gradient, blur, and so on.

four, meaningful.

meaningful, is a logo has a certain meaning and argument. If the above are signs of shell (profile), meaning that is the symbol of the soul (inner). No soul is lifeless, similarly, there is no significant sign is like dead wood, do look good, is just a beautiful flower pot. However, in my experience, to give a sign meaning, in fact, is a very easy thing. Because when each form you can name some meaning to, you only need to give full play to the imagination, it can be "given" design of multiple interpretations. Like a a class round of logo, you can with Shang successfully, and solidarity, and inclusive, and pursuit perfect, and integration, and globalization and so on series you by can wants of with round this a form associated of all better words; and if is a near semicircular of logo, you also can with Yin and Yang harmonic, and only on one copies people of special service, and not seeking maximum (more) but seeking best, and not unloading efforts (pursuit), vocabulary and statement for explained. Sort of like the old saying goes: speak bad by one mouth, to put it bluntly, the meaning of signs is the way it. Because everything has two sides, the key is to look at your side to say it. Of course, it is early in the design will consider how to put those who want to give its meaning into concrete form, so as not to let a person feel forced.

five, industry characteristics.

for those specific sectors of the company, agency or Department, a good logo is to let people see signs we roughly know what industry you belong to. To do this, it is not an easy task. First, you find high profile the specific shape of this sector and, secondly, they must conform to the general public (or audience) fixed on the business; and, finally, must be as one with the logo of organic-soluble, not intruding or separation. It should be noted is that this requirement is mainly for those professional sectors, departments and agencies, for comprehensive business and Government departments do not apply.

foreign Pet Hospital logo BI-LO Xuan teahouse

six-and easy to use.

sign is to show to the public to read, because the final result is what people really recognize. Even in effect doing any better, if not ideal when you use, that can only be regarded as not a sign of success. It's like a battle, no matter how good your team, how perfect battle plan, but defeated by the actual fighting, due to various reasons, everything to zero.

it is important to note, here are the application is two-fold: on the one hand is the sign at the performance effects of different media on; the other is the VI system given rise by the symbol. On the use of different media, we've already talked about. And in the VI system using complex, related to art, concepts, the practical effect is a series of questions, and then we'll discuss here need to know both the ease of use is on the line.

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