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at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, some world famous designer in a debate in   trying to "good design" to define the meaning of. During the debate, each designer was asked to cite "well designed" and "bad design" examples, and explain the reason. What view do they propose?  

what is good design? It's a seemingly simple question, it is difficult to answer. The more you think, the problem becomes more complex. "Good design", not only has different meanings for different people, but it can also vary with time and place.  

good design must have good functions

all agreed upon "good design" need for the effective discharge of its functions. President of the San Francisco design company IDEO Tim Brown (Tim Brown) give a Flip HD cameras and micro-example of Amazon's e-book Kindle. He explained: "Flip mini HD cameras are excellent examples of design simplicity. Whether it was a video shoot, download, edited or distributed to each step in the process is very simple, the bonding between very well. In contrast, although the Kindle reader's idea is very good, but its interface is very bad. Often buttons operational errors, and armed with very inconvenient, for an eBook, this is simply a mishap. Therefore, the Kindle reader I threw on the table is almost unused, and Flip mini HD camcorder but I always carry. " 

design of low efficiency can lead to extremely serious consequences. Creative consulting Collins Chairman bulaien·kelinsi in New York City (Brian Collins) tells the story of pharmacy provides prescription drug bottle example. Traditional prescription medicine bottles are very similar, label printing and not good, it's easy to mistake. This kind of thing would have happened in the United States designer debola·Adele (Deborah Adler) grandmother's body. Adler aspired to find a solution. Her bottle design a clear easy to read prescription labels, bottle or can be customized with colored plastic ring, so that you can recognize a special type of medicine. Adler's design has been retailing company target ClearRX prescription system.  

emphasizing both function and emotion

However, sometimes efficient alone is not enough. Museum of modern art in New York supervising the design and construction branch baola·antenali, senior curator of the Museum (Paola Antonelli), Jersey City "cheap, efficient, ugly" roadblocks and Milan's "elegant, beautiful, and fun" roadblocks to be compared. The Milanese affectionately nicknamed them "holiday fruit bread" (Panettone), which is a traditional cake, since roadblocks resembling the shape of the bread. This roadblock by the renowned Italy architect enzuo·Mali (Enzo Mari) designs, these roadblocks could move freely in the city, to changes in traffic flows, can also double as temporary seating.  

Participle social network service social designer and founder director of xilali·ketemu (Hilary Cottam) cite the example of London buses. In London, around the bus always has one emotion and efficiency which is the more important of the controversy. Who is still fondly remembered in London in 2005, deactivate the road master (Routemaster) double decker buses. While master of the road is popular, but for children, the elderly and infants carried carts of parents, and the car is not convenient, and for people in wheelchairs, and out of the car is almost impossible. These issues are further articulated vehicle or "bending" bus "(Bendy bus) has been solved, this car is very convenient to take, but the Londoners but dislike them. "' Bending bus ' bus is very convenient, capacity increases 1 time, seats have also increased. "Ke Temu said," so, now my question is, what is good design? Looks very good, but not convenient for most people to use road master, also improves the way most people are bending bus? " 

sensible answer is of course "bending" bus ". But what if no one likes, you can also call "good design"? That is why the new mayor of London, Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson), why the new bus design contest, he hoped that the new buses as endearing as road master, but also as easy as bending bus, but also environmentally responsible. Finally foster architects (Foster + Partners) and the sports car maker Aston Martin (Aston Martin) WINS, designed at the end of last year revealed that they work, it's a new sport solar panel-powered, looks like an upgraded version of the master of the road by bus.  

London Mayor insist that new buses should be responsible for the environment is right, because it is "good design" another unnecessary component of, although this part was just not too long ago. With the gradual deterioration of the environmental crisis, we cannot ignore the ecological impact of the things we consume. Thing is, no matter how beautiful, clever, even useful, if it is ethically and environmentally irresponsible, we can't call it a successful design.  

concept of sustainable

occasionally some works has all these qualities. From Copenhagen "index: design to change lives Award" (Index: Design to Improve Life awards) Executive Chief kege·Mai·Weide (Kigge Mai Hvid) the example is tuberculosis technology wind turbine blades. The leaves are for Canada whale developed by power companies, shaped like folds of the humpback whale fins. Folding help a humpback whale leapt out of the water, in practical application, fold to make fan blades rotating at a constant speed. Weed comments: "this design is simple, practical and beautiful, you can only be seen in nature. "At the same time, design can have a positive impact on the environment it is also a very good example.  

today, the design emphasizes that the sustainable concepts can design a plus, and to compensate for the lack of other design. Fuseproject Designer Studio San Francisco Division supervisor, industrial designer yifu·beiaer (Har Yves B é) the concept produced by Mercedes-Benz's Smart car examples to illustrate this point. Smart is considered to be sophisticated, and energy-efficient city car market in 1997 when they were warmly appreciated, but sales are so bad. At the time, advanced smart car was its price, technical disputes, and overshadowed by the cynicism of its design. Yifu·beiaer believe that even the most gas-guzzling Hummer in appearance than he is.  

However, due to the expansion of the market demand for energy-efficient cars, smart cars in the image in people's minds is getting better, it's a pure electric drive version will be available next year. "The smart car is a great idea, although initially suffered a setback, but now it's got a chance,"   Henri Behar said, "success in the smart car is that it contains the body respected, responsible, efficient concepts, it adds value to the world. " 

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