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     how to make your own products and not drown in the range of the shelf? A beautiful or unique packaging may play a role.  

packaging design equivalent of advertising, and often play a role in consumers decide to buy the last responsible moment. If design overhangs, you can save a considerable amount of advertising costs. Advertising budget-strapped enterprises under the background of the financial crisis, it is also a shortcut.  

some have nearly a century experience in the multinational corporations in product design often seem to cope with when they found that Chinese consumers for the so-called "foreign" package sensitivity drops, these multinational companies began to trumpet their Chinese elements contained in the product design. Such as clouds climbed the cans of Coca-Cola, and Pepsi is back to China before the Olympic Games is just right to wear a red.  

mostly hovered in the low-end market is muscled all the Chinese brands, also is thinking about a problem at the moment: that's how design and promoting brand image.  

brand League General Manager Yang Shao Yong in the bluntly pointed out in an interview: "no one would deny that design can improve Chinese brands that view, however, we are not able to do. "While the Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre, Freeman Lau pointed out that in the past Chinese companies in the technology, channel, management has made evident progress, but find it hard to advance. But Freeman Lau cheer for Chinese companies, he pointed out, development lags behind other aspects of design is a stage in the development of the enterprise, Western companies experienced at this stage in the expansion of the process.  

just how long do Chinese enterprises need to cover this period, but where is the gap between Chinese and Western?  

design: content first

product packaging design for a product of how much success do?  

"in the regular market surveys, people generally do not recognize the impact of packaging on their purchases, because they will say they are superficial. "Shao Yongzhong said," but in fact, the potential impact of product design for the buying behavior of people should not be ignored. " 

Freeman Lau

Freeman Lau with their finest creations Watson to illustrate this problem. "Watson when they found us, this century-old brand is at a transition point. "Then bends his siege of water facing many young brand, market share decreased. After 9 months of effort, when Watson wearing green clothes back on the market, many consumers to dump. "After a few months in the new package, they recorded triple-digit growth. ”

Shao Yongzhong said that product design seldom win with style, most of the design philosophy behind pop support. Freeman Lau pointed out that the design needs to reflect the brand's value and added value. There is no doubt that beautiful design is the key to the market, but if there is no content, is still unable to achieve long-term, sustainable success, something really impressive is behind the design, such as Watson's art life embodies the idea of Apple iPod's interpretation of music.  

"Designer cannot be narrowed into a drawing operator, design is the embodiment of the brand philosophy. "In fact, it also points out that Chinese brands are inferior in design the key to a competitive reasons. In other words, most companies on the design of China only at a superficial level, that is, product packaging, and "only in brand strategy design considerations when, to achieve unexpected success".  

subjective preference as "transient guests"

design success requires business leaders and designers to work together. And for designers, key is compatible with the customer's ideas. Freeman Lau, said: "when the idea is completed so that customers think this is his own idea, rather than a designer, this is the best idea. "This means that product and brand design, inspiration always obey the commercial. "The designer also can be the character design, but these tend to be only suitable for niche markets. " 

of course, streamline design behind the cause and effect, the insight of the problem before the design is the key to success or failure. Mature tend to give systematic training for employees of multinational enterprises, so when you communicate with the creative team product design requirements, can make it clear.  

in addition, for a century-old brand, corporate leaders is a "transient guests". For now, most Chinese companies still in the accumulation phase, class of professional managers is not mature. As WPP Group's professional brand design company, Jandt services for domestic customers. Summarize the experience of communication with foreign customers, Shao Yongzhong said: "the first generation of successful entrepreneurs has a strong personality, and for systems management brand as well as grasp the design direction tend to have many shortcomings. " 

Shao Yong's experience, brand design and consulting of domestic business leaders can be divided into two categories. The first type very passionate, foster brand as their own child. Shao Yong said: "for this category of entrepreneurs, the design team task is the key to the boss's passion and the market, rational Guide to the boss. "While the second type is relatively calm. "This kind of boss goal is very clear, is to make money. So design teams need to do solid consumer survey and detailed survey data to persuade their boss. " 

attention to detail  

when ideas are determined, they entered the combat aspect of design. Shao Yong in the creative pipeline, you can use "Tools". "We have all kinds of analyses module, can be independent of the problems encountered in the design of and all the solutions to determine which elements can be retained when the design, what needs to be changed. "Shao Yongzhong said that" Visual sense of beauty can be solved using scientific tools. "But this does not mean that scientific tools, product design can be made relatively easily. In fact, there are many issues that need attention in the design process. If mishandled, the replacement of packaging is likely to cause the sales decline. Freeman Lau pointed out that an important design often takes six months to a year to take shape.  

small package needs to convey the right message. If too much information is set you cannot focus, is not easy to be remembered by consumers. Shao Yongzhong said: "on the package core message Framework requires effective planning. " 

in addition, in the process of expanding global markets, some cultures have a taboo on certain things. Tiens health in developing overseas market when printed on packaging coming from different countries and areas of the photo, it is a common expression in China. But Shao Yong pointed out that, in some countries and regions, such photos are not welcome. Finally tiens health improve their packaging, using a friendly green, and appropriate integration into China has been widely accepted in international elements.

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