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  "the reduction in capital investment, does not mean to stop the development of new technology and innovative design, the design community and will not appear large-scale layoffs, just us, our designers to make lines up and running fast, not a stockbroker. "Free tuodiya·mile in an email interview, says the designer. Designers are trying to dig into some ideas and inspiration, to redesign, optimization and reengineering to achieve consumer downturn.  


"one way to make sales return to normal, that is, make the product more attractive, more attractive, and to meet the changing times, so a new talent sprouting, the new professional design consultants. "This is the United Kingdom easebourne School of Arts and crafts history and context study man Julian Freeman for Apollo  magazine writing design history of content, he attempted to portray after 1930, how large companies competing in the consumer goods market has spawned the first professional designer. According to Julian Freeman's analysis in the 20th century on Wall Street before the financial crisis, United States and European companies is dominated by engineers and salespeople, for mass consumption market, an endless stream of new technologies and the promotion of small things, far more effective than studying design gimmicks.  

out this design in the history of jokes, it is because of financial problems caused by the subprime, for global consumption maker is an unprecedented experience. In 2007, after frequent price increases, the sudden appearance of collective downturn in global sentiment, borrowing, Chief Executive of Gateway Ludi·simileina (Rud iSchmidleithner): "a few months ago our design departments are also considering how to improve technology, guaranteed to increase profits without price. A few months later the situation has changed, all consumer activity was suspended, and all the design and manufacturing of a virtuous circle is broken, the consumer enters a special mode of the world stage. "Do not think that this is just the confusion of the consumer goods market, Nielsen data set for Internet traffic monitoring, the most subtle change in global sentiment. They monitor found that eBay website traffic at the end of the third quarter of 2008, a sharp decline in October eBay individual visitor volume fell 1 3.2%, 6.2% lower than in September. Users online time average reducing 19%, substantial decrease in page views by 33%. Faced with unprecedented consumer confidence is low, capital is King consumer instincts, was holed up in the business world, the former has been in additional research and development budget, appears for the first time a global reduction. Consistent spenders product design seem to have to converge.  

on in many people worried cut budget will let global design stalled of when, many global top free Designer are is does not so see, had for o, method •   Romeo 147 design instrument disc of free designer tuodiya·mile in accept mail interview Shi said: "capital input of reduced, does not means with stop development technology and innovation design, design territories and not appeared mass layoffs, only we, we these designer to let line again rapid running up, Rather than a stockbroker.   "Tuodiya·mile such part-time freelance designer not only confidence, those in the design Department of the company of young designers are eager, they all want to be in the consumer slump to design the best sellers, eager to repeat Harley Earl (HarleyEarl) in 1926 after GM's turnaround, or like Raymond Loewy (RaymondLoewy), the arc out Coca-Cola bottles. Also has France sociology home make·diyani that this non-material social: Hou industrial world of design, and culture and technology quietly and was many designer find has out, they tries to looking for design skills yiwai of think tank, especially from social philosophy angle to review problem, design logic in the most based of not variable of variable and once was churning has out, combined commercial reality, again design, stressed will past of knowledge and experience for modern Shi of optimization, and again to mature technology for commercial size of delicate combination, Soon became the magic weapon designers are dealing with tight budgets.  

defamiliarization and redesign

2008 most outstanding design is typical of Motorola, trapped in the corner and did not let Motorola cut off several global design center, they were designed years ago 5  V70 cell phone out, continue V70 rotary screen design of the structure, to create a luxury for $ 2000 phone Aura. Despite the Aura of high prices many people wonder whether captured luxury consumption, Motorola Aura can help save a lot of costs. According to Motorola's Global Chief Architect Jim Wicks privately estimated figures, rather than just creative design new models of mobile phone, continue V70 Aura can at least save design and test research of investment, funding for projects that can save 15% as a whole. V70 5 years ago the market success, and reduces the risk of Aura design accepted by consumers.  

in fact, looking for the design classics of the past, using new technology elements to integrate the optimization and reengineering concept, is very suitable for the current wave of business caution. Redesign the Japan graphic design master Hara Kenya's concept was again enlarged to the present reality. Hara Kenya 2002 joined muji design groups, practice design seeks to return to the origin, then the Japan architect wrote a book on their own set of design in the design. In his view, the designer should re-examine the design around, in the most easy way to explore the essence of design and content. Natural is a creation from scratch, but will know something strange is a creation. This mining caters to business Chief Executives on a limited budget, but also aroused the interest of commercial companies for the design of the stock.  

Alessi mining company is to design ways unknown old design thinking, design awards won this year's Caesar. This Italy home furnishings companies to hire large numbers of designers to develop new models every year boil Kettle, in response to the consumer downturn design costs, Alessi brought a group of students of the school of design in Turin, trying to get ideas from the brainstorming of youth. Can this group students designer of works shape style similar, only one called yalimanuo of students stand out, he design of Cook Kettle was review mission think full intimacy, results in oral design thought of when, yalimanuo without hide to said: "I home has a I Grandma with of Cook Kettle, I basically is according to that old pot design of, just put metal parts replaced into has plastic of. "It turns out that yalimanuo Grandma's jug is Germany, and lichade·SAPU developed in 1932 Bolitore pot, then only produced more than 3,000 more. Alessi without hesitation chose the yalimanuo program, students hand will be in Turin, with Bolitore pot once again to the market.  

Alessi replica old style into a modern design, keeping the old style, using new materials, has also become a design trend of the forces nouvelles. Apple's new Macbook did not change the specifications of the 13.3-inch, but no longer use plastic casing, to Apple pioneered Brick process, based on the original aluminum material, with three-dimensional laser cutting forming. Laser forming of aluminum casing bent is no longer needed, retaining the original strength, cuts to new Ma cbook laptop complex screw Assembly processes, so as to save labor costs, and logistics costs. Apple heads of design Jonathan Ive in a public speech, talking about this kind of advanced Brick technology, but no one noticed changes in material things behind. Apple OEM Foxconn, is facing pressure from the new labor law, less abrasive can reduce labor costs. Analysis report from the iSuppli consultancy showed, technology of Brick material 13% cost more than traditional plastics design, but reduces the almost 10% intensity, as long as the Macbook every month more than 1.92 million units of production, optimization Brick techniques as you can with traditional flat plastic design in terms of cost. It is clear that hidden modified design became one of Apple's small trick to maintain high profits. "Business-led design, cycle of reaction to changes in the external environment does not exceed three months. "For the Tang of the sea toy company designing mountain pass is worth for a long time also strongly endorsed the concept of optimization design, at the Tokyo toy show, he said:" whether it's designing toys, or other consumer demand for high grade, meet the spiritual needs of consumers is key, instead of developing new products. In times of global material desires of consumers to reduce, optimize the traditional toy design, reducing business risk and yourself a little precipitation can also give designers a chance for reflection. The past 10 years the design world have endured far too many commercial pressures, a short reflection and second design, allows us to realize our own, and for the next creative cycle to prepare. " 

technology stocks, Switzerland saber and potato  

many designers have embraced similar Yamaguchi WINS long cycle theory, in their view, design innovation impossible never-ending, draw nutrients from the existing design, adapt to changes in materials and production technology advances can often become a model best adapted to the commercial success of the ecological balance design, and optimization of core technology products, designers can often bring surprises. Only existing designs, optimized use, designers can achieve only "surface" level, product engineers, leading technology, also tried to work together with designers to find, within the technical realization of optimization and reengineering. As representative of the most obsessed with technology in the Silicon Valley engineer,Palm  founder Jeff Hawkins believes that digital technologies have the potential to save businesses, in his view, many technology companies locked in the safety deposit box inside the patented technology, once released to forgive and to the business community as a whole, sufficient to stimulate the globalization of technology upgrades. Cisco Chief Executive John Chambers said in an interview that Hawkins was called hidden in a safe in the technology stocks, in chambers, the Obama administration strongly advocated United States broadband Internet, Cisco can bring a huge sales opportunity, but what makes these inputs into a virtuous business cycle, must once again mining the existing technology. Such as improved Cisco Telepresence conferencing systems, bi-directional image communication reduce to a one-way, traditional medicine with very low cost monitoring linked to broadband Internet. In early December the United States BusinessWeek also attempted to cheer technology, how they wrote an article in Depression-era execution techniques of personality, trying to find the technical potential of Silicon Valley is the most active, in their view, in winter 2001 global Internet Google enough to illustrate the value of technology stocks. Google's rise was not the basis of what top-secret technology that year, but was redesigned for the consumption of information retrieval models, based on optimization reconstruction of technology stocks, far more practical than the painstaking research of new algorithms.  

Gottheil, analyst at technology business research firm TBR have always believed that consumer spending stagnant luxury commodities, people choose products are no longer demanding performance, price is the most important. Under the same prices, people in favor of a single design can be several kinds of traditional products in one. This is called "Switzerland Saber needs on the" point of view has been the importance of design. Research shows that corresponds to the the Wall Street Journal, many low-income families have decided to only buy iPhone to save spending on other electronics, because the iPhone has a built-in music player, Web browsing and other application functions, and can be downloaded from the AppStore  spend a few dollars of price new features. Was given a similar demand was shop online by AppStore apps opened after 5 months, it emerged more than 1  million, the cumulative consumption 300 million downloads, its commercial efficiency far more than the brilliance of the iTunes music store initially.  

faced with the low-cost transmission of the Internet, more and more companies are aware of the potential effect of potato. When the time of stagnant growth reduces consumer demand, cut only high-end products, supplies and rising demand for cheap products but, traditional business of 10 shops in the area of effect is a thorough Internet. Less than $ 5 from the App Store software application store average price and application download, you will find traces of potato effect, AppStore games held 23% shares, the average price was only $ 2 per game. 11% share and second-ranked entertainment content, average price is only $ 1.3 35% application downloads priced at only $ 0.99, but $ 30 health medical applications on the AppStore is unsalable. "The change of consumption structure, is likely to make the global Internet a similar consumption effect of Wal-Mart. "Had for venture capital magazine Red Herring research China market of Lalee and our reporter chat Shi said:" global Internet company are in research Tencent QQ how will cannot money of chat tool, into each only several cents income of cash cow, to Microsoft and Adobe led of software dealers in research giant network matrix, no longer to 200 dollars of high trafficking copies, but to several cents of price sale online once right. Product design and technology development must be responsive to changes in consumption patterns, the same product into small potatoes in bulk, stable margins will be enough to deal with financial and monetary instability. " 

NDSi Nintendo at the end of October for sale, can also be viewed as adhere to the potato effect and Switzerland Saber optimization reconstruction of thinking model. Has occurred from the first generation D S for 4 years, but Nintendo has no plans to upgrade products such as DS2, NDSi is designed to lose weight. The emergence of the new NDSi, apparently is in line with the integration of multi-purpose inclusive one recycling trends. 300,000-pixel camera, music player, these function modules used to be a separate reset card mode, which now became part of the NDSi built-in. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata even publicly self-deprecating thought, NDSi is not the traditional game, NDSi closer to fans in his pocket a personal digital assistant, just does not have a built-in telephone features. If only reconstruction with the hardware design is really underestimate Nintendo's ambition, NDSi Nintendo zone built-in browser can log in directly to the online store, download NDSiWare from Internet gaming, the game contains four sizes from free to  800 points. In order to attract consumers try to download purchased games, also will be used for all NDSi Nintendo points 1000 points are provided free, no longer sell only 3000 yen for a game. Network card game created by consumption patterns is also Nintendo as new sources of income, 50 Yen to play like arcade popular chain supermarkets in the 1970 of the 20th century.  

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