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Corporate brand CI need to pay attention to what

     many believe that the CIS is integral to the business activity of enterprises, but in parallel with the implementation of the CIS, but found that did not produce the opposite effect, scrutiny of its reasons, there may be the following:  

    1.CIS and senior executive management jobs are closely related when employees step by step implementation of the CIS plan, they will find a fact: CIS activities business shortcomings discovered in the more offending head of greater risk; the fact that resistance increase of the natural to the CIS. Generally, senior managers are less rejected staff recommendations. A smart and competent, understand the importance of CIS will not blame sponsors for advice or criticism. Therefore, to enable the effectiveness of the CIS have, first to get senior management to understand and agree with. The simplest concepts of persuasion is: the boss is looking for is the development and progress of the company, so the staff help the proposal should certainly be welcomed. Moreover, the CIS after the success, the first benefit was a Senior Executive.  

    2.CIS a wide range of different types of science and technology enterprise in deciding policy, direction, strategy, field of activity will give rise to strong emotional interest immediately because the Visual design and development, and judgment, selection, application, and morale within the company, were all emotional and human work. New CIS proposal to be accepted by everyone, and should indeed take time. Therefore, in order to make this type of rational and emotional mixed operations can be carried out smoothly and gradually strengthened, and finally reach the company within and outside the realm of competition also praised the success of the enterprise, even, it must depend on a high degree of management techniques.  

    3. enterprises itself is often a barrier to implementation of innovations in CIS is its enterprise image, to make his shift from negative to positive, aging turned to young, it is not to be taken to do so. The fundamental problem is that most businesses don't know their age. In science and technology in the CIS, "CI design" will bring about youthful power to eliminate aging, gives rise to a brand new feeling. In other words, we can harness the power of design of CIS and assimilate to shapes to change the corporate image. CIS is valued for its inclusion of asset values. CIS activities, is a radically alter corporate mass behavior from head to foot. Through the introduction of a new corporate image, to improve the status of the enterprise, such a plan full of ambition and confidence that any business should not have the reasons for the refusal. Because of this, CIS need more staff in the ideology of reform, so how to make the employees themselves, is also an extremely important work. Enterprises can overcome all these difficulties, will be able to receive the amazing results from CIS, corporate vision and will be full of vitality and hope.  

    4.  planning phase considerations CIS import plans to have its scheduled duration, including many complex projects, must be gradual to get effective results and good visual design system. Therefore, the CIS to produce good jobs, in the planning stages should be aware of the following:

     (1) do not rush into the implementation phase. In front of the enterprises of CIS import policy, if hasty and mechanical force is scheduled to implement the plan, it will have a negative effect.  

     (2) design and development operations must be flexible. CIS design and development operations, the basic design during development is the most important, must be reviewed by the participating designers fully. In order to put forward good ideas in the initial stages of design and development work, must set aside sufficient time for review.  

     (3) emphasis on logic, circumsta CIS operations. In the CIS plan, inquiry and investigation on enterprise issues, and judged according to the findings of the process, if not ideal, Shi Yi bias to back internal and external communication will also make the ineffective CIS. Therefore, regardless of how senior managers to request rush, hurry, CIS operations must be minimized by attention to logic, integrated, implemented in a progressive manner.  

     (4) when a change of company name, brand, mark, must be in reducing the legal formalities, make plenty of times. Due to the varying degrees of cumbersome legal procedures, and Rong Yi was ignored: as soon as possible, and to avoid delays of CIS operations.  

     (5) find CIS plans is unreasonable and should be developed as soon as possible. CIS planning process must take into account correlation between jobs before and after, for there will definitely affect the job next job. So if the CIS plan has any link not reasonable, should be developed as soon as possible.

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