Release IE 9 full version

     Senior Director of Microsoft's IE browser ruian·jiawen (Ryan Gavin) wrote in the blog: "on the occasion of the IE9 Platform Preview 1 released on March 14, we will have to bring us all a wonderful network of developers and designers. We will post IE 9 released and available for download starting from 9 o'clock Pacific time that day ".  

  a new browser, Microsoft's efforts to stop the decline in its share of the browser market. Google's Chrome browser, with its amazing speed, simplified user interface, and support for new Web standards such as HTML5, set off a storm in the online world.  

just last month, have released the release candidate version of IE9, aiming for speed to catch up with Chrome, while adding some features, such as graphics hardware acceleration and anti tracking protection, while also supporting the HTML5 standard.  

Microsoft has set up a website showing a new browser features, especially graphics hardware acceleration. IETestDrive Web site had 8 IE browser "Platform Preview" version, allow developers to target the future IE9 engine test code. The IE9 team claimed that previous Microsoft product is not the one like IE9, benefited from the feedback from beta testers so much, pre-release version of IE9 downloads of more than 36 million times.

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