New advertising campaign

in recent days, formally launched the beautiful Tess nation prestige "I am a new Chinese" new advertising campaign, take this 2011MTEE products in the second quarter.

  beautiful Tess nation prestige select 8 different areas of the human being "new Chinese" benchmarking: Zhou chengjian, King of pop Jay Chou, the well-known publishers Thomas Shao, arts promoter Lu Rongzhi Bao Yimin, modern, creative celebrities stylists Chen Xingru, cross-border artist Deng Excellence (Dorophy), young photographer Chen.?  

  "I am a new Chinese" to "created in China and more innovation" for the label, sounded the "I am a new Chinese" Horn.

"the century of Chinese concept of inheritance, and buy every brilliant and lonely, telling a national spirit of the times. As time passes by, Chinese-made products were also new era gives new meaning to "new Chinese" again into people's mind. Buy new, is not a simple retro, chic, is the essence of cultural heritage and refined, is a national spirit of persistence and continuity means that new sense of creative interpretation. "? 

 2011 year, new MTEE, last season based on comprehensive upgrades, invite 8 designers in China, launched 80 series and animated Classics series 2 film factory nostalgia theme, holier than thou fashion custom t-shirt, in the country's 3,000 American Tess nation prestige stores launches. From China's new generation of designers in the 80 's, using their strong fashion sense, transforms an ordinary t-shirt become unique and embrace a new identity, is filled with young people unique personal proposition.

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