National creative industry financing credit platforms

   Ministry of Culture launched the culture industry investment and financing service platform, State-level cultural exchange year will be located in Beijing, at the sixth session of the Shenzhen fair credit reporting system of cultural industry at the opening ceremony, Xiaolei Li, Deputy Director, Ministry of culture of the Ministry of culture, cultural industry Division recently introduced a series of cultural enterprises financing initiatives are described.  

     from the middle of May, Ministry of culture, official opening of financing public services platform of cultural industries, creative cultural enterprises with financing needs loans please visit:  to apply online. Xiaolei Li, "said accepting registration process will be controlled within 5 days. As with the State-owned enterprises, private enterprises will be the policies of the Ministry of culture, the same degree of support ". "As soon as possible the effectiveness of this system, the Ministry of culture the invited more than banks, cultural property, securities transaction in the industry, over the next 4 days, told representatives of the cultural system of credit and training in cultural property exchange. " 

     for cultural enterprises loans pledge of intangible asset valuation problem, Xiaolei Li, intangible asset valuation has to move forward to break through, the Ministry of culture commissioned a professional assessment company, established, including asset appraisal limited assessment team. Platforms on the line that day, CBRC and CSRC and CIRC, many security companies and intermediaries involved there, seems to be witnessing the construction of insurance and guarantee system to decentralized Bank lending risk.  

     Xiaolei Li introduction, investment and financing service platform will be gradually opened cultural property rights trading system, "the Ministry will cooperate with the China Beijing equity exchange to advance this work, national cultural property exchange of China in the process of being declared, will settle in Beijing during the year". It is understood that after the completion of the property rights exchange of Chinese culture as an integrated cultural property Exchange service, for cultural property, debt, equity, intellectual and other kinds of cultural property provides property-right circulation platform, to break down the barriers between the cultural industry and the capital market.  

     at present, relying on the Shanghai property rights Exchange, cultural property exchange in Shenzhen, the national property rights trading has accelerated cultural and creative industries, cultural industries and capital clearance form the effective combination.


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