Lenovo United States offensive

despite China's "factory of the world" is known, but to foreign consumers, to let their familiar brand in China remains low. In order to win the United States 18-25 "Apple" Association in the United States has launched a new advertising campaign.  

Lenovo's last in the United States also launched an extensive advertising campaign back in August 2008 to November 2009. Then the theme "creativity everywhere (Ideas? Anywhere) ", which underscores its status as a sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games.  

in January, the Association selected Saatchi as its United States regional creative agency, to create a new brand concept. It is understood that this wave in the recently launched advertising budget will reach 100 million dollars, including interactive graphic, video, and other media delivery. And this means that Lenovo from smart phones, graphic computers and PC field to challenge Apple.  

the "actors" as the theme of the advertising campaign expressed the Association's attitude to technology – technology should not only focus on design, it is a useful tool. Apple's target is not self-evident. And for the vast number of United States teenagers, Lenovo hopes he can become "producers", the actors were able to let those who are willing to practice by association with the help, the real action.


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