Encourage China to creative talent training

with the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, national innovative and creative products is becoming palpable, gradually opened the World Expo pavilions and buildings breathtaking creative veil.  

Expo exhibitors include States, international organizations, businesses and cities. Many exhibitors of the exhibition design, exhibition design and event planning are very creative, and even some countries and cities is to show creative industries development topics.  

Expo will lead the trend of world creative industry development  

it is reported that this Expo was one of the major initiatives is the establishment of the urban best practices area, industry was also known as "Small World Expo". Go near City best practice district, you will see Madrid of "bamboo housing" and "air tree" this two seat special of buildings after "adaptability design modified", became "simulation blocks" of organic part, show Madrid in social residential, and sustainable development and renewable energy using aspects of experience; you also will see a green low carbon of "home"--Olympic village, it all of building materials all from Beijing village, Olympic game Hou venues transformation produced of building waste, This can also be the Expo's only built it with construction waste section.  

as the Chief planner of urban best practice area, National Committee member Tang zilai, told reporters: "the urban best practice area is the historical creation of the 2010 World Expo the city as exhibitors in the Expo for the first time, is also unique highlight of the Expo pavilions. "Tang Zi explained that the planning team's core ideas are: urban best practice area was not only from all over the world's urban best practices area, which itself should also block its urban best practices. For this reason, urban best practices area exhibition planning and planning and design of creative practice and exploration of the area.  

not only that, but also at the Expo will see many strange and creative products. Tang zilai said: "creative Park design, logo design, exhibition design and exhibition design was perfectly the theme of the Expo, for the development of creative industries to provide a global platform for exchanging and sharing. " 

media commentary, as a grand gathering of creative people in the world, the Shanghai Expo will lead the trend of world of creative industry development.  

  creative talent necessary to both originality and market awareness;

Tang zilai said Expo for creative industries to provide a rare opportunity for development, particularly in the design and planning, including urban design, architectural design, environmental design, exhibition design, product design (such as World Expo souvenirs) and a variety of activities (such as ceremonies, forums and performances) to plan, its demand for other events it is difficult to compare. He said: "the World Expo not only for the creative industry puts enormous demands, and also for the development of creative industries to provide a display, communicate and share the international stage. On one hand, makes people feel ' creative charms, to make life better, and encouraging people to engage in the creative industry and respected creative talent on the other, enabling local governments also recognize the unlimited development of creative industries. To promote creative industry entered a new development period in China. " 

it is understood that, in recent years, the creative industries have a great development in China, especially Beijing, Shanghai, and creative cultural industry is rising at an unprecedented rate. However, the lack of creative talent, has become a major bottleneck hindering the development of our creative industries, it is noted that in New York, the cultural and creative industries talent 12% per cent of the working population; London is 14%; Tokyo 15%. Beijing, Shanghai and other places in China's cultural and creative industries account for less than 1 per thousand total employment of, so it is imperative to accelerate training of creative talents have been.  

Central University of finance and Executive Dean of the Institute of cultural and creative analysis of Wei Pengju, along with economic development, compete more and more upstream--from competition in manufacturing, and gradually shift to upstream research and design competition. With the gradual transformation of China's economic growth mode, the cultural and creative industries will be a major focus of economic growth.  

, Member of the National Committee of the Chinese National Academy of Arts tutor Chen Zui says: "China creative industry cannot be said to have no talent, if you look at traditional artistic creation, the Chinese idea is very strong and expressive. Innovation and technology development has a lot to do with China's creative industries other than technology is not developed enough, and collectively as an industry has not developed at the same time, creative industries also need commercial operation. " 

it is reported that in 2006, Beijing officially launched the Beijing municipality on promoting the development of cultural and creative industries policy, the policy States that, "supporting colleges, career colleges and cultural creative enterprises combined with the construction of training base for cultural and creative industries, cultural and creative research and development training, training design, management and marketing agency talents. "In one hour, related to the creative industry in various tertiary institutions and professional have sprung up have been set up.  

Wei Pengju interpretation of creative talent, said: "the creative talent is a broad concept, including creative arts, science and technology creativity and creative management talent, such as the Beijing Film Academy, media University, aims at fostering the traditional arts such as Dance Academy of creative talent, engineering colleges and major is the cultivation of creative talents of science and technology, and most lack needed creative management talent currently on the market. " 

Wei Pengju believes that creative industries have become a new cultural phenomenon in the market economy. Creative without industry, inseparable from the market. Creative management talent, needs not only the combination of art and creative spirit, more need of art and can be combined, and market awareness of both the originality and creative talents.  

everyone has the right to close to the creative  

accompanied by the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, the creative industries as a nascent industrial power, is blending with various industries, it has been said that my creative time has come for all. So how do you train more creative talents?  

Wei Pengju, told reporters: "attaches great importance to creativity education in developed countries and a creative education, one is innovative thinking. Creative education is by far the most important part of basic education, in addition so that everyone has the right to close to the creative, let you feel the creative economy, creative product value and charm. As the Olympics allow more people to experience the glamour of sports, get the Expo, fresh ideas and creativity of the human spirit has more feeling. " 

Tang zilai said: "creative industries social environment appropriate to the development needs and institutional building. The Government and various sectors of the community should be fully aware of the creative industries in the future economic and social development in the lead role, form a social atmosphere of respecting creative talent, creative talents to provide a more social environment of tolerance and integration. Meanwhile, the Government should establish and improve the system of protection of intellectual property rights, provides a healthy market environment for the creative industries. " 

Tang zilai believes that creative people tend to have complex knowledge and skills characteristics blend should provide discipline for cultivating creative talents education, enable students to acquire knowledge and skills in the process of with diversity and choice.  

Expo only a short 6 months, I believe, it left behind more than just gorgeous and creative places, will also leave creative seed in everyone's heart.  


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