Counting the coolest future transport

  Sydpelin is a stylish and beautiful aircraft, inspired by the classic led Zeppelin works Mead's iconic design and concept artist. Is different from the original Zeppelin design, Sydpelin by plasma beam as the driving force, for the internal heating of the drive at the same time the engine is running. Some people believe that using hydrogen fills a huge ship was almost equal to their exposure to the risk.

    NOMAD inspired by giant Mead concept cars, its best features are the large-capacity mobile bridge and ramp. It uses nuclear-powered, can be maintained for a long time running, and even worked for a long time. NOMAD can be used to build roads, detecting strange regions

and as areas in need of transporting vehicles and supplies.

the face of the public transportation system of the future will show how? Whether it is a world of fantasy, people take a doughnut-shaped metal structure of aircraft to and from the accommodation and the company? With the picture of the concept vehicles, most of us desire to shorten commuting time could become a reality. If transport systems are constituted by such aircraft in the future, we might as well through in the blink of a far distance to any place we want to go.

If you leave your car with other cars connected together to form a team and handed over to the head control, after all the driver of the car on his way to work to simply sit on the seat to relax and browse the day's news, not to control the car in person. Formation is not sound very futuristic colors? At present, Europe is developing and testing a similar system. It is regrettable that, accept the test fleet of concept cars is not as the picture was bright and cool.

autonomous database transport vehicle (ADT) 2137 design is a very original idea, you can save a lot of money and manpower and to ensure data security and prevent the hacker attack was pervasive. ADT through a surprising way to achieve the effect of anti-hacker, that is for Government and private clients in person "transport" important data. Give up the Internet and vehicle transporting data using entity seems a step backwards, but told from the perspective of ensuring data security, this is an improvement.

Halo 49 single means of transport and Mead designing a transport equipment is very similar, but it also presents a unique new concept. Sitting in this PAC-man shaped concept vehicle, drivers can use the two wireless navigation, en route to their destinations.

future law enforcement officers may have to deal with the complex and varied terrain, place of work will not only be limited to the Earth, but also to law enforcement on the other planets. For them, with a possible "FERM" importance of transport is self-evident. Trakker ATVs can conquer any terrain encountered, even to the most remote areas can access.

in 2112, a new mineral found on the moon. This new discovery makes the development of new high energy laser is possible. New laser energy, can be used to drive the picture of a "green" city trains. In the future, can fire laser special building all over every corner of the city, firing laser can change course when necessary.

made of solid light Vimana 2 for generations revealed puzzling series of mysteries. Means low cost and light weight, but through time and space reflection of light is also very annoying. 20th century and 21st century, a similar strange point of light in the sky was once mistaken as UFO.

concept of train MD 400 inspired by Mead's work, is a beautiful representative of the transport of the future. This "slim" is less than the number of trains carrying traditional subway, but the Maglev technology was able to get it quickly and silently through the tunnel.

Praetoria is a dystopian world of civilization, life on the ground had no security guarantees. Creator says the concept vehicle is aimed at the design of civilization. Due to serious pollution and Bandit-infested, the rich are forced to move to floating Island, away from the dangers of the ground. Zero-emissions machine is shown in the picture and from the ground and floating Island, the only way.

ATV concept not only rely on wheels mobile vehicle, while giant legs with similar animals conquer the complex terrain. Its crew capsule is high from the ground, easy for driver is there trouble ahead.

Acinonyx combines concept car collection a series of animal and machine functions, is an all-terrain vehicle, able to conquer any terrain. From the appearance point of view, this concept car designed by animals apparently received more influence than machines, fascinating animal shape is one of the best proof.


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