A verdict against UBM

   United Business Media LLC is a United States organizers of GDC Conference, as the world's leading media group owns, including Gamasutra website, Game Developer media, magazines Chinese authority permanent exhibition limited company is "China game developers Conference" and "China &Nbsp;Joy "the famous, such as the exhibition's organizers. In early October 2009, Hanwei company UBM to unfair competition against the Beijing second intermediate people's court proceedings. Recently, Beijing second intermediate court made a verdict on the case.  

in his ruling, Beijing second intermediate court found that:  

    1, UBM company announced its, or its cooperation with IDG company hosted the 2007 inaugural "China game developers Conference", not entirely consistent with the facts, constitutes false advertising;  

    2, UBM company is not made in China "Game Developers Conference" or "GDC" the right to exclusive use of registered trademarks, have publicly claimed that the trademark "Game Developers Conference China  (GDC  China) "and related intellectual property rights sole ownership, constitutes false advertising;  

Evergreen Event caused by     3, and UBM company and the letter of the international game developers Conference, accusing the Chinese company for breach of contract and violation of its trademark rights, resulting in the company/institution cease cooperation with the Chinese company, constitutes a commercial defamation.  

     accordingly, the Court, UBM must in the 30th after the effective date of the judgment, its acts of unfair competition in the computer newspaper published statements, to eliminate the adverse effects of Hanwei company, and from the date of entry into force of the judgment in the 10th and pay symbolic compensation for economic loss to Chinese 1 Yuan.  

within 30th     UBM the right to the day of service of the judgment on the appeal against the judgment of first instance.  

     judgment for additional information, please see the links below.  


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